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In 1994 the Victoria, Sergei, and Valya Boutenko experienced an intense decline in their health. After switching to a healthful way of eating, they were able to regain vibrant health. Since that time the Boutenko's have been dedicated to helping people around the globe learn about natural healing and nutrition.

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Health Quotes

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
Ann Wigmore
No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.
It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.
Mahatma Gandhi
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
True discipline is really just self-remembering; no forcing or fighting is necessary.
Charles Eisenstein

Green Prom Dresses 2020

Now offering 50% off any weddings booked on/before Black Friday at 10 pm! That's a $1200 savings! WOW.
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I even allow a one-of-a-kind trade deal for random items around your homes for discounts! You wouldn't BELIEVE what I accept as trade/donation.


Looking for: Dresses (wedding, prom, homecoming, any style, any size) - Books - DVDs - VHS - Decor - Scentsy Wax Cubes - heels - mens and womens shoes of all sizes - Video Games - board games - non perishables - can goods - scarves and gloves - dog food and dog toys - photography props - sheets and curtains - stuffed animals - furniture pieces - musical instruments - outdoor sports equipment - holiday items and decor of all kinds - cases of water/gatorade - fans of all sizes..

The list goes on and on. These donations are bundled up and sent to families I know in need who can't afford much, given to kids at sessions, sent to charities and homeless shelters all throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee! AND SO MUCH MORE! You are impacting THOUSANDS with any and all donations!

The more you donate - the bigger the discount!

And don't forget - it's the holidays! My sessions are jam packed with presents and goodies for everyone! Mom, dad, kids, friends, family and supports - come one, come all!

So many specials going for the remainder of 2017 while 2018 is nearly booked already. Check out several of my last few posts. Please give a like and a share. Send a message for an affordable quote. ANY session/concepts/needs WELCOME!


*Clients, please make sure NOT to crop/edit/filter my images in any way shape or form. CELL PHONE UPLOADS FOR PROFILE PHOTOS WILL AUTOMATICALLY CROP THE IMAGE - PLEASE DIRECTLY MESSAGE ME TO AVOID THIS. These guidelines include frames/any editing done through any cell phone apps. I ask that you kindly not cover/cut off my logo. Please keep all connection with Fierce Photography, giving all proper credits on EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK so all of your friends and family can come like the page and book a session for themselves! You do this by using the URL below! If you want to use an image and are not sure how to avoid breaking these simple guidelines, please contact me to walk you through a few tips and tricks BEFORE posting! This is very simple, kind gesture and sign of respect for your photographer. Green Prom Dresses 2020

I appreciate your cooperation.

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